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The most valuable time... is your own

Picture: private jetAircraft Hire today has become an easy and cost-effective alternative for both business and leisure travel.

The cost of chartering an executive jet or even a large airliner is continuously falling and has now become within the reach of a greater number of companies and individuals.  Anyone can charter an aircraft - our passengers are junior employees right up to Company Directors and yes, VIP’s, pop stars and royalty.

Our customers have realised that as time becomes more valuable and with increased demands on productivity ways of saving time become increasingly important, Aircraft charter provides the solution for gaining that precious time.

 Member of the Baltic Air Charter Association & approved supplier to the events industryAdditionally with security becoming a factor of our everyday lives, private air charter offers you that extra piece of mind.

Whether for private jets, helicopter hire, group travel or corporate shuttles - let us show you the alternative.

Welcome to Focus Air Charter - The ultimate Private Jet Charter Service

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